Natural Breast Enlargement: How to Get Ideal Size Without Surgery

When women think of breast enlargement, they often think that cosmetic surgery is the only way to get true results. Fortunately, this is a falsehood that has been popularized and spread into the general public. There are various natural ways to increase breast size that do not carry the same risks that going under the knife do. From natural breast enhancing pills, to exercises, and weight loss; there are truly numerous ways to obtain your ideal bust size without undergoing surgery.

How to get bigger breasts naturally (infographic)?

12 tips on antural breast enlargement

Breast creams for natural breast enlargement

When it comes to breast creams, many women are skeptical of their supposed abilities, and rightfully so. Snake oil vendors have been trying to prey on the insecurities of people for centuries, and women are no exception. While there are indeed many breast enhancing creams which lead to little results in the way of natural growth, it does not mean that all breast enlargement creams do not work.

When it comes to purchasing breast enhancement creams, it is essential to read the label of ingredients and to look for two very specific ones: volufiline and voluplus. Both of these oils stimulate the natural growth of breast tissue. When purchasing breast enhancing creams, it is imperative to look for all natural ingredients that help boost the production of estrogen and breast tissue cells.

Best creams to enlarge breast naturally

creamIt can be difficult to sift through the scams when it comes to breast enlargement creams, which can make them slightly intimidating. No one wants to make a bad, and potentially expensive, purchase. To assist readers everywhere, this list will provide two recommendations that come based on active ingredients and testimonials from the customers who have purchased the product.

  • Total Curve is an all natural breast enhancement cream with price from 69.95$ (pills+gel) which uses volufiline as the base of its ingredients. Volufiline is made out of something called sarsasapogenin, which stimulates the growth of the fat cells in breast tissue. According to the provider’s website, Total Curve can increase the volume of your breasts by almost eight and a half percent.
  • Breast Actives is another all natural product but is more suited for sensitive skin, as it relies on exclusively plant-based ingredients only for 59.95$ . Boasting ingredients such as kelp, fennel seed, and Dong Quai root, this cream uses naturally existing chemicals in plant-matter to firm up breast tissue and improve elasticity. Improving the elasticity of your breasts prevents them from sagging, keeping them in place and perky, giving the appearance that they are larger by keeping everything in one place. Furthermore, ingredients like fennel can encourage growth in the breast tissue.

Natural breast enlargement pills

Breast  pills actually work similarly to creams, as they are designed to do the exact same thing with many of the same ingredients. However, the difference is how they are administered; creams are a topical solution to the problem and are absorbed by the body through the pores in your skin, where as enhancement pills are ingestible. Otherwise, they work practically the same.

Wait…if pills and creams really do work similarly, doesn’t that mean that there are going to be a lot of scams out there as well?

Because of the nature of these products, it is always possible to run into scams. Just like creams, it is essential to read the label and check the ingredients. Important ingredients to look for are the same as the ones you check for when using a cream; Volufiline1 and Voluplus. Just like above, this list will provide two more recommendations based on customer reviews, helping you locate a natural breast enhancement system that works best for your needs without the hassle of being scammed.

What breast growth pills are the best?

total curveTotal Curve also offers an enhancement pill alongside their topical cream. The reason that this company is superior to others is because they ensure that all of the ingredients which go into their formulas are completely body-safe. Total Curve’s daily supplement pills use phytoestrogens to mimic the effect of estrogen inside of your body and trigger growth in your breasts, similarly to what their cream does with Volufiline.

Natural Curves provides an all natural plant-based supplement pill that uses ingredients like fennel seeds2, Dong Quai root3, and fenugreek extract. Natural Curves is a good option for those with a sensitive digestive system or those who are unsure about introducing additional hormones into their body for medical reasons. The ingredients of this supplement are additionally good for firming up the skin and adding volume to breasts.

However, what if you don’t have the money for expensive pills and creams. There must be a way to achieve a larger breast size without breaking the bank, right?

Exercises to increase breast size naturally

exercisesThe pectoral muscles4 exist just behind the breast tissue and increasing their size can cause your breasts to protrude more. In fact, pectoral exercises are one of the most cost-effective and safe ways to increase the size of your breasts. Not only can exercises increase the size of your bust, but regular workouts can help firm up your breasts and prevent sagging as you age. Keeping your bust perky can help create the illusion of larger breasts as well. However, one of the best facts about exercising is that you can do it anywhere. If you’re not comfortable working out at a gym, these exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home as well.

Breast massage for breast enlargement

massageBreast massages can be another way of slightly increasing your bust size with little cost to yourself. However, it is not as effective as exercising, using topical creams, or ingesting enhancement pills. The theory of enlarging your breast size through massage is as follows: your breasts are made adipose fats and fatty tissue5, both of which respond well to stimulation. By massage, you can increase blood circulation and also the production of oxytocin. Oxytocin helps reduce the chances of cysts forming and prevent pain from premenstrual syndrome. Regular massages can help firm up your breasts and improve the elasticity of your skin since the stimulation increases blood flow, which can give the illusion that they are larger.

Vitamins for natural breast enlargement

Using vitamins to increase the size of your breasts relies on promoting healthy skin in the area. Using vitamins A, C6, and E are ideal for increasing the size of your bust, as all three revolve around skincare. Vitamin A helps nourish the skin and firm it, restoring the elasticity in the area and helping prevent sagging. Vitamin C boosts collagen production and collagen also helps firm skin and improve its elasticity, allowing your bust to remain perky, which can give the illusion of growth. Vitamin E helps the skin production cycle, ensuring that collagen is produced and the skin is hydrated. While vitamins do not directly increase the size of your breasts the way that topical creams or edible pills do, they can give a perky lift to your bust.

Best 9 herbs for natural breast growth

herbsUsing breast enhancement creams and pills can incorporate all-natural boosters into your diet and body, but it is possible to cut out the middleman and take this step yourself. However, the question is, which herbs should you incorporate into your diet and how? Look no further than this guide.

  • Fenugreek seeds

    stimulate breast enlargement hormones, such as estrogen. It can be taken internally, such as through an ingestible, or applied externally with a cream.

  • Onion juice

    can stimulate skin cells around your breasts, helping prevent sagging and improve texture. Incorporating it into your diet regularly can help improve the perkiness of your breasts.

  • Olive oil

    is considered one of the best oils to use in combination with massage therapy on your breasts. It can help soften the skin around your breasts and firm the area.

  • Blessed Thistle

    is another plant that has hormone-increasing properties and it can raise the rate of estrogen production. Furthermore, the herb also increases circulation and blood flow to the area, improving collagen production.

  • Fennel seeds

    also contain estrogen-increasing properties and can promote the growth of your breasts. However, it is essential to be aware of the fact that you should never use fennel oil7 directly on your breasts because it is very potent and can damage the skin. Additionally, pregnant women are advised to avoid fennel altogether.

  • Pueraria Mirifica

    is another plant that has a high concentration of phytoestrogen, which is the plant-version of the human hormone. Taking this herb can have similar effects to Blessed Thistle, Fenugreek seeds, or Fennel seeds. Additionally, Pueraria Mirifica8 is also known to firm sagging breasts and increase perkiness.

  • Saw Palmetto

    is an interesting herb that can increase breast size, but here is the catch; people are not sure why it can. It is not an estrogen-producing plant. In fact, its breast-increasing properties were discovered by accident. However, many women using it for problems, such as hair loss, report an increase in breast growth.

  • Wild Yam

    can be found in most breast enlargement pills and creams, as it helps promote healthy breast tissue. Healthy and firm breast tissue can lead to a perkier looking bust, giving the impression of fuller breasts.

  • Bovine Ovary Extract

    can strengthen your body’s main hormone regulator and stimulate it, providing an increase in estrogen and other growth hormones. Taking the extract9 can lead to a growth in your breast tissue and an improvement in blood circulation in the idea.

Diet for breast enlargement

Changing your diet is not a necessity when it comes to natural breast enlargement, but it can help. Soy is another example of a plant with high levels of phytoestrogen, the plant-version of estrogen. Increasing the levels of soy in your diet, such as by replacing some meat with tofu or milk with soy milk, can increase your estrogen levels. Using soy-substitutes regularly causes swelling in the breast tissue and can subtly increase your bust size.

Other ways to get big breast

For those women out there who just don’t have the money to commit to supplements, creams, or expensive herbs, and don’t have the spare time to go to the gym and exercise, there is a way that you can make your breasts appear larger too. Push-up bras10 have been the preferred way of increasing the size of many women’s breasts for decades and were first introduced in the 1960’s. Push-up bras work by padding the underside of your breasts and pushing the tissue upward, creating a large and full look for your bust. While wearing a push-up bra doesn’t actually increase the size of your bust, it can provide the confidence that you are looking for while out of the comfort of your home.

In Conclusion…

There are several ways to increase the size of your breasts without going through surgery: you can do it artificially, through illusion, exercises, diet, or by actually stimulating the growth hormones of your body. However, no matter which method you choose, you can be comfortable knowing that there are ways to obtain your ideal breast size without going under the knife.