2 breast enhancement tips in Ayurveda

breast enlargement tipsThe majority of women who look for the information about surgical breast enhancement procedures usually come to look for other ways to increase breast. This is one of reasons why a lot of alternative breast enhancement methods have appeared recently and Ayurvedic  is one of them. If a small size of your breasts is something you are really concerned of and you are not willing to keep it that way then first thing you should do is to calm down.

Small breasts is not a problem
Today many women consider breast enhancement as the only way to get rid of “small breasts disease” and become sterling woman which is absolutely wrong since having small breasts is absolutely normal. Small size of your breasts is just a result of your natural body development. And if you’re still pretty sure that having bigger boobs will make you way more attractive then try using these Ayurvedic breast enlargement tips which will guide you how to use herbal remedies to make your cup size bigger without any surgical treatment.

Getting to know your breasts better
Woman’s breast a complicated combination of glandular and adipose tissues which is being held outside the sternum by pectoral muscles. Therefore maintaining these muscles in good shape is the basic condition for preventing your breast from sagging. And although being small breasted is not a medical issue at all, some women still consider it as personal tragedy affecting their life in a major way due to false society stereotypes.

Get bigger breasts naturally

Causes of small breasts

There are several factors involved concerning the issue of a woman’s breast size but heredity is the fundamental one as it determines breast fat tissue distribution. Nonetheless there might be some other factors responsible for small breast size including hormonal factor, described as the lack of female hormone (estrogen) or excessive production of male hormone which leads to natural breast growth setback.

Ayurvedic tips for breast augmentation

Ayurvedic provides a number of simple boob growth tips which can help women in their pursuit for perfect proportions of breasts to feel themselves on top. Usually it will require to use various herbal remedies which will to fix the problem:

  • Massage with sesame oil: Ayurvedic treatment uses massage as one of its essential methods. For massage purposes it is strongly recommended to use sesame seed oil since it is very rich with protein, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Ayurvedic massage cream might be also a good option in case you have no oil at hand. You will need to do the massage twice a day to reach the result of big, elastic healthy breasts. When doing your massage procedures always make sure you apply the right pressure to prevent your breasts from any damage. In case you want to get the best affordable result it might be a god idea to use professional masseur services.
  • Lifestyle change: It will require you to consume a lot of water and lots of green vegetables, soy products and everything which have high concentration of estrogen.