4 Breast growth vitamins

Breast enhancement or breast growth are goals for many women of every age and body type. Whatever the reasons, and there are many, most women want a safe approach that avoids unknown chemicals and additives. The simplest and most direct way is to have the kind of diet that contain the most effective and proven natural vitamins for breast growth that will produce the best result.

What vitamins help breast growth?

breast growth vitaminsWhat follows is a list of the most common breast vitamins that are essential for not only breast enlargement, but also keep your body and skin healthy. We are going to go into some technical (biological) reasons as to how each of the vitamins is beneficial to increasing your bust and cup size. Nothing that will require an degree in Biology, but enough so you understand how each vitamins works in your body to produce the desired result.

  • A for aid of the first kind

vitamin aWhatever the size of your breasts, it is clear that you are looking to increase their appearance. But it helps that you first make sure that you keep what you have healthy, and that is where vitamin A1https://www.theguardian.com/world/1999/may/16/nicoleveash.theobserver comes in.

Vitamin A has a number of protective purposes that lay a foundation from which you can build on. It protects your breasts from the free radicals so often connected with antioxidants, which are positive for your overall body’s health. Repairing damaged tissue and helping to increase cell regeneration are two other qualities vitamin A brings to your dining room table.

One other thing vitamin A does is assist in the production of collagen. You may have heard about collagen from news stories about fuller lips, and when it comes to breast enlargement it helps in a similar way. Collagen is the “glue” that connects the various parts of your body together. It keeps things firm. That in itself is the obvious reason vitamin A is essential to achieve your goal of breast enhancement.

Milk is a great source of vitamin A and is good for bone health as well. The top two foods with the highest concentrations of vitamin A are everyone’s favorite holiday potato – the sweet potato, and the more commonly consumed carrot.

  • B6 vitamin to increase breast size and for blood cells

vitamin b6Any woman who has been pregnant knows that during the pregnancy doctors “suggest” B6 (aka folate) to prevent neurological damage to the newborn during its development. The action of the vitamin is to prevent an excess of a naturally occurring substance – homocysteine – in the body. This substance is known to cause a hardening of the arteries in the body, which we all know is a serious issue when it comes to heart disease.

But for the purposes of breast enlargement, keeping the arteries pumping open and circulating new blood cells to keep your body oxygenated can promote a larger breast size. From a general health perspective, men are now being encouraged to take vitamin B6 as a way to promote a healthy heart.

You may hear the best sources of B6 are leafy vegetables, such as spinach. But our research showed the foods with the three highest concentrations come from different sources. Sunflower seeds (some people eat them religiously) are at the top of the list. In second place are pistachio nuts. Finally, assorted types of fish are in third place with tuna having the highest concentration.

  • Among breast enhancement vitamins is vitamin C for collagen

vitamin cWe discussed the advantages of collagen and its biological importance when discussing vitamin A. With vitamin C the news only gets better. Vitamin C2https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6204628/ offers many of the same advantages as vitamin A, but has benefits that go directly to affecting your quest for breast enlargement.

Balancing your hormone levels is always a good thing, and vitamin C helps in doing that. But specific to breast enhancement, vitamin C works to keep your breast tissue hydrated, making them appear fuller naturally. The added collagen it helps to produce reinforces connective breast tissue, keeping the inches you add in place. Finally, adding to the health benefits of vitamin C are its ability to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Products to Enlarge Breast Naturally

The popular and well-known sources of vitamin C are in fruits, especially citrus fruits. But we have to stop you there, as our research shows that citrus fruits rank number 7 in the actual concentration of vitamin C, only a third of our number one food. That food is the Yellow Bell Pepper. In second place is the guava. While high concentrations of vitamin C are naturally present, this choice can be on the pricey side for many women. As a slightly less concentrated alternative, but well within most women’s budgets is kale, the dark, leafy vegetable recommended as a rich source of many vitamins.

  • E for external skin health also in the group of vitamins that promote breast growth

vitamin eThe appearance of your breasts is both an internal and external focus. Inside is where your breasts become larger and fuller, and outside is where their form is shaped and covered. In this regard, vitamin E3https://lpi.oregonstate.edu/mic/health-disease/skin-health/vitamin-E helps to achieve both these goals.

Much has been discussed in the media and health circles about the many advantages of vitamin E. Not only can it be taken as a vitamin internally but can be applied to the skin externally, and is found in a number of health and beauty products. It primary advantages for breast enlargement come with assisting in the regulation of cholesterol levels and promoting general skin health.

Two of the foods with the highest concentrations of vitamin E have already appeared in our other vitamin enhanced foods. Cooked spinach ranks as number one, while sunflower seeds occupy the third spot. The number two food, and is both popular and versatile as a food, is the almond.

Do Breast Growth Vitamins Work?

So we have covered the five major breast growth vitamins that contribute to breast enlargement in various ways. No single vitamin can do it all but it is clear the some provide a number of health benefits in addition to helping you achieve your goal.

The question to be asked at this point is how you will get your vitamins. We recommend foods as a simple, natural way to get the vitamins because there is almost zero chance of encountering any side effects and in many cases all that is required to get the benefits is making some changes in your daily meal plan. But there are alternatives, such as vitamins that help breast growth in pills and supplements, that offer the same advantages and it some cases, at a lower cost.

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Do I Need to Buy Breast Vitamins?

Vitamins that increase breast size that are sold in retail stores or vitamin shops will likely differ in quality and purity, depending on the manufacturer. Buying them online may be even cheaper, but there is the quality and purity issue which is suspect because the seller is online.

The advantages are that they are easy to take, require no change in your current diet (which may actually be a bad thing) and you do not have to eat 100 pounds of kale to get the amount of vitamin C contained in a single chewable tablet. People who have problems swallowing pills or tablets will obviously opt for the food route.

But the choice is a personal one. If you are a conscientious tracker of the progress of your breast enlargement regimen, you will be able to decide both the quantities and effectiveness of each of your vitamin choices. You can combine both diet and vitamins for bigger breasts to get the maximum benefit from all. Whichever path you take, remember that your overall health is just as important as your end result for an increased breast size.


We are not providing specific dietary information or offering recipes because every woman’s body and personal food choices are different. What we do know is this list of  breast enlargement vitamins have significant scientific research and evidence that support breast enhancing.

The list of foods that are associated with the highest concentrations have been provided as a guide to customize your diet plan to get the most out of your lifestyle. Diet alone will not necessarily get you the results you are seeking. In addition to a consistent, regular dose of these vitamins you need to also exercise for a generally healthy body.

Other than guava, most of the foods that provide the most benefit are also budget friendly. You can also get creative in your meal preparation skills by combining the different foods to create a three meal a day plan that will keep your tummy happy and your body healthy. Mixing and matching can keep your body looking physically great on the outside and benefitting your overall health on the inside.