Breast Enhancement And Overall Health Improvement – 50 Options

Health and fitness are as much about desire as it is about knowledge. There is always something you can do better. Here is a list of 50 healthy things you can do for your breast and common health.

Foods For Breast And Overall Health Improvement

healthy food

  • Avoid refined sugar

    Sugar is a drug1 and it will become fat. Make no mistake about it, sugar is highly addictive and your body will store it in your fat cells. Besides decreasing energy and increasing appetite, sugar is a highly caloric, nutritionally deficient substance that should be avoided or at least limited.

  • Avoid refined wheat

    Refined wheat (i.e., white flour)2 and products derived from it are highly processed foods. They are nutritionally deficient and your body quickly turns them into fat. Look instead for whole wheat products. Remember, multi-grain is just that, it is, multiple grains, not necessarily whole.

  • Drink juice

    Buy a juicer, and make your own incorporating as many leafy greens as possible. They can be expensive and their products are too. But if you want to improve your overall health dramatically, this is a great way to do it. You will start feeling better almost immediately and flush your body with the nutrients it needs and wants. Juice will reduce your appetite and cravings for things you want but don’t need. The taste and texture of the juice is wonderful, even the kids like it.

  • Blend with Fiber

    The same ideas as above, only with blending you get the fiber too. Blending offers some advantages as well. The fiber is necessary for digestion and will keep you full longer.3 You will also use less products because the fiber will take up more space. Another thing about blending is blenders tend to be cheaper and you can add things to a blender that just won’t juice (e.g., avocado).

  • Track your diet

    If you are not tracking your diet, you have no idea what you are eating. There are so many people take supplements without first assessing what is lacking in their diet. Whatever your fitness or health goals are, it all starts with what you put in your mouth. You can decide how detailed you want to be but at a minimum write-down the items and quantity for one week (try to eat normally to ensure a fair representation). You can then make adjustments from there. If you don’t know what to do with the information, go online, or seek out a nutritionist.

  • Drink more water

    Your body is 70% water.4 All of your organs require water to function and when you exercise you lose water. The best idea is to get a BPA free water bottle and carry it with you everywhere. Set a goal of how many times you need to finish it through the day to reach your recommended amount.

  • Drink less alcohol

    Moderate amounts of alcohol are okay, but still not good. “Two glasses of wine a day is actually good for your” is a good idea, but it really isn’t. Alcohol is hard on your liver, makes you tired, has nutritionally deficient calories, and decreases testosterone production.5 Moderation is definitely key, but when it comes to health and fitness less is more. There are plenty of other ways to get the nutrients that are in wine without the side effects.

  • Eat more often

    Step away from the buffet. Eat more often it means. Taking your necessary daily calories and splitting it up over several meals can improve digestion and stimulate your metabolism. If you wait between meals you are more likely to overeat.

  • Eat less calories

    Eating is hard on your body. Everything you put in your mouth needs to be processed and if it cannot be used it will be stored. Look for foods that are low in calories and high in nutrients such as vegetables, nuts, legumes, and low-fat meats. These foods will keep you full and provide the necessary nutrients without adding unnecessary calories that your body will store as fat because they cannot use them.

  • Stop ordering fries

    Most of us are conditioned to answer yes to the question “would you like fries with that?” Instead say, “what other options do you have?” Fries are loaded in salt, fat, and carbohydrates.6 Yes, they are delicious but in most cases, the main meal offered at restaurants is way more than enough calories. If you are still hungry a side of vegetables will go much further nutritionally. You will feel better after the meal if you just say, “no.”

  • Avoid artificial sweeteners

    Artificial sweeteners mimic sugar. Even though they lack the calories your body reacts very much the same and studies have shown that these products can stimulate your appetite and increase cravings for sugar.7 The bigger issue is that most of these products are synthetic chemicals designed to imitate sugar. Many have reported side effects. If you think you need them, you are already addicted to sugars and should avoid them just to break the addiction. If you are not ready or willing to give up sweets, use natural sweeteners such as honey.

  • Eat more vegetables

    Call your mom and apologize, she was right (again). Vegetables are critical to healthy living. They are low in calories, high in nutrition, and full of vitamins and minerals. Everyone focuses on protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Take a broader look at your diet. Incorporating more (a lot more) leafy greens in your diet will make a tremendous impact on your health. Studies show individuals with diets high in vegetables have lower rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many other common diseases.

  • Eat more fruit

    This is an easy one for most people. The fruit is delicious, but try to focus on fresh, dark, and organic fruits. Fruits are a great way to scratch a sweet-tooth and are full of vitamins. Don’t go overboard though as they are naturally high in sugar.

  • Eat natural

    Get the processed foods out of your life and get back to the natural way you were meant to eat. If it doesn’t come from a farm don’t eat it. If it comes in a package and you can’t picture in your mind every ingredient on the wrapper, don’t eat it. If you leave it in your car for a week and it looks the same (fast-food) don’t eat it. It sounds so much harder than it is. Once you start eating clean you won’t even consider going back. You will feel better and look better too. It doesn’t mean you can never eat your old favorites, but it should be a rare treat. To be honest, once it is out of your system you probably won’t even want it.

  • Avoid dairy

    You do not need dairy. Calcium, proteins, and fats are all available in many other foods. Dairy is generally mass-produced by animals that are subject to a whole host of chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones. The milk produced has been shown to include pus, blood, hormones, and antibiotics. If you’re going to have dairy make sure it is organic and low-fat, but that said, it is just not worth it.

  • Don’t eat processed manufactured meal

    Today’s “market” is flooded with processed manufactured products that are chemically designed to replicate food either in taste, texture, or smell.8 They are not natural. If it took a lab to make it, it will take a lab to digest it. Do your own experiment, look at a package of blueberry muffins. If you can find the word blueberry anywhere in it let us know.

Medical Advices

medical advices

  • Use a saline spray

    Flush your nose daily with a nasal spray. This will greatly reduce allergies and colds. Let’s face it, nothing sets your back like getting sick.9

  • Take vitamins

    If you are eating all the vegetables and fruits and juicing and blending, recommended in this article, the need for vitamins is greatly reduced. That said, most people are not going to do that. If that is the case, then add a multi-vitamin to round out your diet.

  • Sleep more

    Sleep is when your body recovers and muscles grow. The amount of sleep you need varies, but for a healthy adult 7-10 hours, the night is a good benchmark. In addition to being good for your body, it is essential for the mind. Sleep deprivation reduces mental acuity, motivation, mood, and increases your risk for numerous diseases.

Sport Advices For Overall and Breast Health Improvement

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  • Run

    Running is a great tool to add to your toolbox. It is effective for relieving stress, burn fat, increase stamina, and mental toughness. The best part about running is you can do it anywhere so whether you are on travel or just can’t make it to the gym you can always run and improve health.

  • Walk

    Even if you can run, walking is great for your “off days.” If you can’t run, walking briskly is an effective alternative. Besides increasing your heart rate (moderately) and stimulating your metabolism, walking will lower stress levels and increase your mood.

  • Change your routine

    Exercise is all about your body responding to stress. If you lift heavy weights for breast you get stronger, if you run you increase overall stamina, etc. Your body is designed to respond to stress and adapt. As a result, you need to change your routines regularly (every 6-8 weeks at least). This provides sufficient time to obtain the benefits of a specific program without reaching a plateau. The recent muscle confusion trend (e.g., cross-fit) maximizes this principle by changing the style of workout daily so that your muscles never fully adapt. Either method is effective.

  • Jump rope

    Jumping rope is effective and practical. Affordable, easy to stuff in a bag, and can be performed almost anywhere; the jump rope is still the best cardio machine on the market.10 There are different weights, but the idea is the same. They will work your stubborn calves and increase your stamina, and they have also been shown to increase your vertical jump as well.

  • Shorten your workouts

    Long workouts are so yesterday. The new science is all about short intense workouts (approximately 20-30 minutes). Of course, it depends on your goals and the type of workout you are doing. That said, for general purpose, strength training, and weight loss, if you are eating properly you do not need more than 30 minutes of intense training. Studies have shown that the increase in your metabolic rate post-exercise (or calories burned after your workout) is roughly the same for 20 minutes as it is for 45 minutes.11 True for weight loss you will reduce the calories burned, the difference is insignificant when considering that the intensity maintained for 30 minutes is likely far greater than what could be maintained for 60. Moreover, shorter workouts increase your likelihood of working out more often.

  • Workout early in the morning

    Working out first thing in the morning gets it done before you have time to think of an excuse. It is hard to get out of bed, but if you do your whole day will be better. Studies show that people who work out in the morning get better results and generally feel better.

  • Track your workouts

    How can you know what to do, if you don’t know what you did? Write down every breast exercise, weight, reps, time, etc. Include your mood and supplements. Besides giving, you something to do between sets, it will help you track your progress and identify problems or plateaus so that you may make the necessary changes. Any journal will work and there are free printable templates online. A small pocket-sized book is a good choice because it is easy to carry around.

  • Get a workout partner

    Perhaps misery loves company or maybe you less likely to let someone else down than yourself. Whatever the reason, having a partner helps keep you motivated and will push you further. Even if you can’t have a physical partner, get a virtual one. Someone to hold you accountable to yourself and share in your success.

  • Breathe properly

    Sounds obvious, but proper breathing can make a huge difference in weight lifting, cardio, and even stretching. Proper breathing improves the circulation of oxygen in your muscles (and keeps you from passing out).12 For lifting, exhale on the concentric or lifting portion of the movement. For cardio, focus on controlled breaths with consistent depth and pace, and for stretching, exhale as you lean into the stretch. If you are holding a static stretch, again focus on controlling your breath, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

  • Do  burpees

    The exercise that everyone loves to hate. Burpees are the ultimate body-weight exercise. Essentially a combination of a jump squat and a push-up, they are a full-body workout and will get your heart pumping. There are many variations, spend some time on YouTube and take in all the possibilities.

  • Learn Olympic lifts

    Often overlooked, Olympic weightlifters are some of the strongest most explosive athletes in competitive sports. While the exercises tend to be more complex than your traditional movements, once you master them you can take your workouts and fitness to the next level.

  • Do the plank

    This seemingly simple isometric exercise is a fantastic way to build core strength while working your shoulders, arms, and gluteus. There are many variations, but the basic premise is, all the same, holding the push-up position but with a flat back for predetermined periods of time. If you just hold it until you are tired you will not get the full health  benefit. Set a watch and hold it until the time is up (even if you need quick breaks).

  • Stretch wisely

    There are two kinds of stretching, and they both have their place. Dynamic stretching (a.k.a. active stretching) is where you move while you stretch and should be incorporated as part of your warm-up before your breast exercises. Static stretching involves holding a single position and should be performed after your cool-down. Static stretching before you exercise can cause injury (if not properly warmed-up) and has been shown to reduce strength immediately following.

  • Plyometrics

    Plyometrics or jump training13 is explosive exercises that target fast-twitch muscle fibers. Whether you are interested in increasing strength, speed, stamina, or just lose weight, you need plyometric training. A word of caution, it is important that you perform these exercises carefully and with proper form as they have a high impact.

  • Isometrics

    Isometric training or static training14 involves holding a position for a set amount of time. The force of weight and resistance are equal. This is an excellent way to work up to an exercise or break through a plateau (such as holding the top of a pull-up). The reason isometric exercise is effective is you incorporate the same muscles as the full exercise but in a controlled way. Additionally, isometrics are effective in sports training where you often have to resist opposing forces.

  • Exercise every day

    You need to rest and recover, so we not suggest you work out every day. However, you should incorporate at least 30 minutes of physical exercise every day. This can be going for a walk, playing with your kids, juggling, whatever. Just something to get your heart-rate slightly elevated. This will stimulate your metabolism and boost your mood. A healthy body and a healthy mind will filter into every other part of your life.

  • Rest and recover

    Now that you are set to exercise every day, remember you need to rest and recover. Confused yet? Your body needs time to recover from strenuous exercise. When you lift heavy weights or perform the otherwise intense exercise you create micro-damage to your cells. This is a good thing and is what stimulates your body to make a change to prevent future damage to that like and kind. This takes time, so rest and recovery are needed. That is not to suggest that you sit on the couch watching the food network all day but limit your activity too low to moderate exercise as described above.

  • Focus on eccentric movements

    Eccentric movements or negative movements are the segment of the exercise where you are lowering the weight. You are significantly stronger in the eccentric phase and as such, it can be an effective way to increase strength and move past plateaus through the use of heavier weights.

  • Train your core

    Your core is your body’s natural weight belt and significantly reduces the burden on your spine. Having a strong core prevents injury and improves form. It is important that you recognize that your core is not just your abdominal muscles. You need to train your obliques and lower back. Just like any muscle vary your workouts and allow time for rest and recovery.

  • Sparring, rolling, wrestling

    This is not for everyone, but sparring, rolling, and wrestling is incredible workouts. At any given time you are getting intense cardio, isometric, concentric, and eccentric strength training while improving mind-muscle connections. In a safe and controlled environment, these workouts can dramatically improve your overall fitness.

Life Hacks For Health Improvement

life advices

  • Get good shoes

    Good shoes will make all the difference. They will improve your form and increase performance. More importantly, they will protect your feet, knees, and back. Good shoes do not have to be expensive, they just need to be good. Go to a reputable shoe store and try on several pairs. Do your research based on the ones that fit well before making a purchase. Do not get hung up on color, you can typically order them online with many more options once you have the style and model number.

  • Study

    Don’t assume you know what you’re doing. Look up how to perfect techniques and new exercises. It will keep you honest and improve your results. The fact your reading this is a good start. Never stop learning!

  • Meditate

    Meditation relaxes the nervous system and has clinically been shown to produce all kinds of positive health benefits.15 Most notably meditation decreases stress levels and lowers cortisol levels. This decreases risks for heart disease and lowers your propensity to store fat.

  • Share your success

    We are social creatures by nature. Nothing is more motivational than positive reinforcement or the fear of social failure. Let people know what you’re doing and keep them posted on your results. It is okay to brag, most people will give words of encouragement and once you start you will feel compelled to challenge yourself to keep the positive feedback coming.

  • Take care of yourself

    There are so many reasons why we are overweight or otherwise unhealthy. The job, the family, the illness, the access, the time the holidays… The truth is, if you do not have time to take care of yourself, you cannot possibly take care of anything or anyone else. The healthier you are the more productive you will be in all areas of your life. Whatever limitations you have there is some form of exercise and proper diet you can follow.

  • Leave your ego

    You have nothing to prove, so leave your ego at the door. Workout at a level appropriate for yourself. Pushing too far will lead to injury and be counterproductive. It is okay to be competitive but recognize your limits and work to raise them without crashing through them headfirst.

  • Quit smoking

    If you do nothing else on this list, quit smoking. The bottom line is you do not need cigarettes, you will not put on weight if you quit, and they are not relaxing you. Smoking is the cause of countless diseases, is detrimental to your appearance, and limits your physical output; seriously just quit. Use the e-cigarettes and stepping down to the 0-nicotine levels.

  • Avoid BPA

    Chemicals are all around us, and they are in us too. Limiting your exposure where possible may help to prevent certain forms of cancer. BPA or Bisphenol A, is a chemical in some plastics that have been shown to leach out and contaminate foods. BPA is an endocrine disruptor and behaves in the body like estrogen. The FDA has already restricted its use in baby products, it is advisable for adults to avoid BPA as well.

  • Get a massage

    Massages are good for you. They relieve stress, help muscle recovery, and release toxins. Beyond that they can improve their flexibility and most importantly, they feel great.

  • Ask for help

    No matter how long you have been at this, nobody knows it all. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Talk to your trainers and nutritionists all the time and always learn something new.

  • Talk about your life

    Finally, talk about what you’re doing and why. Teach others; the best way to learn is to teach. The more you talk about living fit and being healthy the more you will realize it yourself. The more friends and family you get on board the easier it will be. Eating right and exercising are not diets and hobbies, they are a lifestyle: “Live fit, be fit”.