I’m Helen Korn. Once it was written here that I was 26 years old, no, already 30) But my story has not changed: once upon a time I was dissatisfied with myself. I didn’t like my reflection in the mirror, I didn’t like to observe how other girls were successful with the opposite sex. Many, many years have passed since then. And now I don’t have a soul in myself) Thanks to an interesting experience, a huge number of cool courses and books, thanks to my parents who showed me what a happy strong family is, and thanks to my irresistible love for human psychology, I began to understand the topic of relationships so well that now I can’t calmly watch how girls spoil their lives because of a banal lack of knowledge in this area. Actually, that’s why I broadcast about relationships on this blog) But the topic of relationships is not complete without the topic of love to myself and attracted creativity, and attractiveness without beauty; So this blog is slowly growing into a powerful project that will cover and improve the different aspects of any girl’s life. I really want the girls to become happier.

And through us, our men and our children will become happier. I believe that a girl should be feminine, not only outwardly, but also in character, therefore I like to experiment, especially in things related to improving appearance and correcting behavior and habits that do not affect the person’s personality itself, so the girl remains herself, but she’s getting better ; I am happy to share my experience. Once my friends, who often turned to me for advice, opened my eyes to how we (girls) often face the same situations, looking for solutions to the same issues. And we thought: if we could arrange open access to knowledge and experience of as many representatives of the fair sex as possible! .. No, no, not to such knowledge as, for example, to prepare a delicious cake or by what means it is better to wipe off the stain, but to special knowledge to the secrets and tricks that are available and that will help us to be better, look better and to love yourself even more) With you our stories and tips can really help someone, and someone to help us. As they say, together we can do everything! I promise a lot of useful and interesting posts on this blog! Read, apply tips, communicate, share your opinions!

Education: MedSkills Academy in The Ohio State University