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Obesity Among Children – Common Problems

In this research, the phenomenon being investigated is obesity among children. Research has proven that overweight is prevalent in children and can cause great psychological problems. Thus, the effects of overweight should be carefully analyzed while minimizing or preventing the causes (Ellis 2013, p. 14). Prevention of the obesity among children Almost all of the…
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Benefits of Collagen

Today, you can find the word ‘collagen’ on labels of various cosmetic products – pills, creams, powders etc. It became a buzzword for a reason. While collagen is a substance naturally produced by the human body and available in our muscles, skin, bones and other tissues, many medical experts recommend to replenish the stock from…
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Why Hemorrhoids May Occur During Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids are a painful condition featuring swollen veins in or around the patient’s rectum and anus. Pregnant women, along with elderly people, are one of the most vulnerable risk groups. Affected patients typically report pains, itching and discomfort in the anus area. A bowel movement can be accompanied with bleeding, which is seen by blood…
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Natural Breast Enlargement – 12 Methods

Natural Breast Growth: How to Obtain Your Ideal Size Without Surgery Is it Really Possible? When women think of breast enlargement, they often think that cosmetic surgery is the only way to get true results. Fortunately, this is a falsehood that has been popularized and spread into the general public. There are various natural ways…
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