Benefits of Collagen

Today, you can find the word ‘collagen’ on labels of various cosmetic products – pills, creams, powders etc. It became a buzzword for a reason. While collagen is a substance naturally produced by the human body and available in our muscles, skin, bones and other tissues, many medical experts recommend to replenish the stock from outside by taking supplements. One of the main reasons to do this is because the collagen production drops with time. On the other hand, your skin, to remain supple, wrinkle-free and shiny, needs more support as you get older. This discrepancy can be resolved by finding out an external supply of the discussed substance. Exposure to sunlight, smoking and unhealthy foods also have a negative effect on the skin, which should be compensated. If the necessary measures are not taken in time, you may find your skin sagged, wrinkled and pale soon after 40. Let’s discuss how an extra collagen supply can make the difference.

collagenCollagen for Better Skin

Prevention of skin ageing is the most popular reason why people discuss collagen so much today. Indeed, this essential protein can improve the skin condition significantly. Higher elasticity as well as a more healthy and youthful look are the benefits you may expect. Even wrinkles and fine lines that we get after 40 or even 60 can be smoothed out by taking an adequate amount of collagen with supplements. This statement has been proven by multiple topical studies involving women of different age categories. A course of four to eight weeks is sufficient to receive a noticeable effect. For men collagen also needed for healthy smooth skin. It is necessary, when men use water based penis pumps.

No Joint Pains

Another effect of ageing is that cartilage tissues get thinner and weaker with time. This results in joint pains and stiffness. Fortunately, it was found out that replenishing collagen stocks in our body can significantly improve the joint health, alleviating pains and other arthritis symptoms. Once again, some topical studies provide the evidence to support the claim. Patients who received a collagen supplement reported an amazing 33% drop in osteoarthritis-related symptom severity. According to another study, patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis had significant reduction of associated pain and swelling cases upon a course of taking a collagen supplement.

Gaining Muscles Instead of Fat

In addition to the above benefits, collagen was found to be an essential part of muscle tissues, which is important for people who seek to build their muscles rather than stock fat. Also, collagen contains glycine, a substance involved in providing our muscles with fuel they need to perform properly. A study involving a group of 53 senior male patients has shown that taking a collagen supplement promoted burning fat and strengthening muscles. The effect was registered after a 12-week course. Unfortunately, the correlation remains to be investigated, as no sufficient evidence is available for now.

Cellulite Reduction

This is another skin-related benefit. Cellulite, which is rather difficult to treat with conventional methods, can probably be successfully reduced by means of taking collagen supplements. While some promising study results are available, there is too scarce evidence to make general conclusions. Given cellulite is a quite common phenomenon observed in up to 90% of women, further research would be a rewarding endeavor, even though this is not a health-threatening condition but just another sign of aging.

Healthier Digestive System

As a part of connective tissues in our guts, collagen is good for strengthening the digestive tract’s protective lining. The latter serves as a barrier preventing intestine inflammations. The correlation has been confirmed by a study, which made it possible to propose a theory that taking collagen in the form of a dietary supplement promotes the gut health through improving the lining condition.