Best 11 Breast Enhancement Exercises

The two biggest concerns for a woman regarding breasts are their size and firmness. Women with larger breasts have the size advantage which is a constant, while smaller breasted women have the firmness advantage which usually pays off as they age. When it comes to the overall appearance of our upper body, both are important.

How do breast exercises work for breast enlargement

Women who are seeking to enlarge their breasts or make sure they stay toned have the same goal – maximizing their potential. To accomplish this goal, exercises to increase breast size and help shape and tone your breasts have become a subject of interest to many women. This article is designed to give you your options and some sound advice on how to achieve your goal with a minimal investment of time and effort.

Breasts are a woman’s front line of offense (as opposed to defense). They have a number of purposes, though not all of them are sexual. They are feeding fountains for our babies, make us generally more attractive and feminine, and sometimes need just the right outfit to tone down our natural endowments. Every time we step out of the shower we notice them, and they seem to be looking back at us – sending us a subtle message. Men usually look down at them and are unaware every day they look straight at us.

Basic Breast Biology

We are not going to get too technical here, but knowing breast basics will help you get a better perspective of what is possible and realistic. First, contrary to popular belief, the breast is not mostly fatty tissue. As with most “facts” about the unique makeup of the human body – it depends. According a study in the National Institute of Health, the total percent of fat in a breast ranged from 7% to 56% in total breast volume, and 3.6% to 37.6% in total breast weight. These percentages were the same regardless of a woman’s body weight-mass index (BMI) or age.

This means that there is no single solution to breast enlargement. To understand this better, what isn’t fatty tissue will largely be lobule cells/structures. Think of them as the plumbing system that gets the breast milk produced to the nipple for consumption. These are the permanent structures. Breast reduction surgery often reduces the number of lobules rather than just remove fatty tissue. So what any individual woman needs to do to increase the size of their breasts or firm them up will be different for each woman.

Size Without Surgery

As for those pectoral muscles you hear so much about, they connect the breast to the chest and the arm. While you may not understand why the arms are so involved in breast enlargement exercises, the underlying reason is they are an important part of achieving breast enlargement and firmness goals.

Based on this basic breast biology we know two major factors that will determine the maximum potential for breast enlargement – the amount of fatty tissue and the number of lobule structures.

  • Cobra Stretch

cobra stretchIf you have ever seen runners preparing for a race you will see them doing stretching exercises as a preparation phase. The goal of the Cobra Stretch is to warm up your muscles, meaning it will get the blood circulating to your muscles. In the case of boob exercises, it will give your pecs a head start.

For this breast exercise the focus is on stretching your upper body by extending your arms. Lie on your stomach, pointing your toes outward. Place your arms in front of your shoulders, palms down. Extend your arms over your head (not up towards the ceiling) while lifting your upper body off the floor. Remain in this position for a minimum of 15 seconds.

  • Pushups – Floor and Wall

Breast-Exercise-Push-UpThese breast exercises are two of the most basic to increase breast size because they target those pectoral muscles. The Floor Pushup is well-known and can be done on almost any flat surface. Simply lie on your stomach, and with your hands flat on the ground and positioned just above the shoulders, bend your elbows. You will be using your hands to push your body up off the ground. At the other end of your body the only part that should be touching the ground is your toes. Just push up using your arms.

The Wall Pushup is basically the same boob exercise except you will be standing up. This is much easier for women who struggle to do a single Floor Pushup. Place the palms of your hands against a wall and move back, extending your arms as much as possible. Instead of pushing up you will be pushing forward, against the wall.

There is some debate as to how many pushups you should do in any one set. The best advice is to let your body tell you when you cannot push up any more. The normal experience is that you will discover after a few days you will not be able to do as many as when you first began. This is how you know you are getting stronger and firmer.

  • Kneeling Pushups

kneeling push upThis variation of a pushup is separate because both the Wall and Floor pushups require you to use your feet. But there are times you will not be able to put a lot of pressure on your feet or toes, so the Kneeling Pushup allows you to continue with your exercise regimen. Use the same basic position as the Floor Pushup but instead of supporting your lower body with your toes, bend your knees and keep your feet off the ground. You will definitely want to have some type of cushion under your knees as more weight will be placed on them. Also, there will be a slight difference in your arm motion as you may tend to lean forward a bit. This is because of your body position.

  • Dumbbell Bench Press

This will require a few pieces of equipment to get the maximum benefit. Two dumbbells, and your choice of: an exercise bench, mat, inclined bench, or beanbag. Select the right dumbbell weight that will challenge your strength but not cause an injury. For the back support, choose which is most comfortable for you.

To perform this breast enhancement exercise, lie on your back with the dumbbell in each hand. This is basically clapping your hands with a dumbbell in each hand. Keep your elbows at chest level and bent, which is the starting position. Turn your arms so your palms face up. Your forearms should point up towards the ceiling. Lift your arms straight up towards the ceiling until they are completely straight, exhaling as you perform the extension. Inhale as you lower the weights and return to the starting position.

A woman with an average fitness level should be able to do at least 8 reps for each session at least once a day. Schedule your regimen to perform this exercise every other day.

  • Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

incline dumbbel benchFor this exercise you will need either a flat bench or a stability ball and a pair of dumbbells. Your head and body will be at angle during this exercise, so it is important that once you are done you raise your head slowly to avoid getting dizzy. Adjust the flat bench to a 30 degree angle or alternatively, sit on the stability ball and lean back at a 30 degree angle. (Your head and shoulders should not touch the stability ball or you will be cheating.) The dumbbells are held with the palms of your hand facing away from your body. Lift your hands above your head at the same time, as if the two dumbbells were a single bar. Hold the position for a moment when your arms are fully extended, then return to the starting position.

  • Dumbbell Fly

dumbbell flyYou will need a pair of either 3 pound or 5 pound dumbbells and a chair with a straight back (nothing flexible or mushy) and armrests for this exercise. If you have a gym nearby that has a butterfly press machine you will get more advantage from this exercise to lift breast by using that instead.

Sit straight up in the chair and with the weights in your hands, place your forearms on the armrests, like you are taking a lie detector test. Move your arms towards your chest, getting as close to your body as safety will allow. Breathe in as you move the dumbbells toward your body, exhale as you return to the starting position. The first goal is to perform 15 reps without stopping.

  • The T-Plank

the t-plankPlanking is one of the most common general exercises used in fitness programs. As one of the exercises to lift breast appearance and strengthen your back for arch support, it should be done properly. The major difference between a pushup and a Plank is that the Plank basically stresses your pectoral muscles rather than strengthen them by motion. Once you do a Plank properly, you will immediately understand the difference.

As with a pushup, begin by laying flat on your stomach. Move to the up position by placing your palms flat against the ground and support your lower body with your toes. The key is to keep your stomach muscles tight and your back as straight as possible. Hold the position for as long as possible. As you will see, you will have to push up without having the “luxury” of relaxing on the down movement, as with a pushup.

  • Palm Press

Palm PressWhile not everyone can do all the exercises on this list, this is one you can do anywhere, at any time. Put your elbows at your sides, extending your arms with your elbows at a 90 degree angle. Clasp your hands together, as when you see some people praying. Push your palms together while focusing on lifting your chest. Doing a minimum of 20 reps daily will push you in the right direction.

  • Elbow Extension

Many of the recommended breast exercises have you standing or laying on the floor. This is an exercise you can do sitting in a chair (and may have a limited application in an office). Sit straight up in a chair with a pair of dumbbells or exercise ball in hand. With ball or dumbbells in hand, stretch your arms straight over your head, then bend your arms backward and bend your elbows. Return to the overhead starting position. A minimum of 15 to 20 reps per day, four times a week should give you positive results.

  • Arm Rotation

When it comes to an exercise that will enlarge the size of your breasts, arm rotation has a proven history of accomplishing that goal. Many women make it a part of their breast exercise regimen because as one of the best breast firming exercises it has the added advantage of being simple while toning the arms.

Stand straight up and rotate your arms from side to side. You will want to do a minimum of 30 rotations for each arm per set. You can add dumbbells to make the exercise more challenging.

  • Breaststroke

If you have ever watched a swimming competition you have seen the breaststroke. But you don’t need a swimming pool for this exercise. But you will be imitating the resistance of the water by squeezing your chest muscles. Stand against a wall with your back flat against it. Perform the breaststroke by moving your arms straight out from your body in a sweeping motion. The recommended number of reps is 100 a day.

As you can see, some of these exercises are more advanced because they require you to reach a certain fitness point before continuing. You don’t need to do every one of the exercises but you should try all of them out to see which combination works best to help you achieve your goal of larger and firmer breasts.