Breast enhancement surgery incisions

breast surgeryThe type of incision which the surgeon will use is probably the last thing that comes to a woman’s mind when it comes to breast augmentation. But if you really expect the result to be perfect you need to have at least basic clues of types of incision and spend some time to discuss it with your surgeon. In the long run this will save your time and money and help you guarantee the best result.
There are several types of incisions of breast enhancement which your surgeon will use most likely:

  • The peri-areola type incision: this is the type of incision also called “nipple” which is gaining popularity especially among those who have already experienced breast surgeries like implanting or lifting before. The main trick of this procedure hides in its name – the cut in a nipple area allows surgeon to insert implant and easily hide scars due to the act that nipple area is darker.
  • The inframammary fold incision: this type of incision is probably the most widely spread since it is one of the easiest surgical solutions for breast augmentation. The cut is usually done on the side where bra’s underwire is passed through which usually makes it invisible to others. This is the main benefit of this kind of incision but mastopexy can cause serious esthetical problems since the scar can be lifted. This is why many surgeons prefer to use peri-areola as more efficient and safe way to insert implant.
  • The armpit entrance: Surgeons still haven’t found the unanimous decision whether it is an effective method but so called “transauxilary incision” is quite popular among those willing to increase their boob size. The most problematic issue of this kind of operation is that it is very hard to take the implant to the place it should be due to the position of the cut. If you really want that kind of cut you will have to spend some time on pursuing your doctor to use this method.
  • The transumbillical incision: Known to be used for saline fillers this kind of incision is probably the most specific one which requires the level of surgeon’s experience to be extremely high. On the other hand it allows patient to forget about scars issue. The scarring is usually done on the abdominal area, maybe through a C-section or anything which has to do with stretch marks. Usually this type of incision is done in remote locations of a body.

To sum it all up, the way breast augmentation incision will be done is purely your decision but it is strongly advised to listen to your surgeons recommendations first. Take your time to discuss and decide what would be the most suitable way for incision for you and your doctor.

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