Breast Enlargement Techniques – massage, herbs, supplements

breast techniquesBreast enlargement is more than cosmetic surgery to many women. It has a direct connection to their self-esteem. One of the problems women have when arriving at the point to move forward with breast enlargement is which of the available techniques is the best for their personal situation.

Breast Enlargement Surgery

Surgery is the most commonly discussed method of breast enlargement around the watercooler and in the home. Using the word “silicone” in a non-window caulking context is generally thought of as a topic of a woman’s breast size.

Medically known as breast augmentation, breast enlargement surgery is a medical procedure that involves:

  • Anesthesia
  • Making the incision
  • Placing the implant
  • Closing the incision

The most important of these 4 steps is where to make the decision, as it involves many factors including:

  • The desired size of the breast
  • The individual anatomy of the woman

The final decision will be an agreement between the doctor and the patient. That doctor needs to be a certified member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) to ensure a safe and professional process.

There are two kinds of implants – saline and silicone. There has been some controversy over the safety of silicone implants, so while the saline is considered to be safer by some, the silicone alternative has been re-evaluated and determined to be just as safe.

The surgery can be completed within 2 to 4 hours in many cases, and normal activities can be resumed within 1 to 2 weeks after surgery.

Breast Enlargement Massage

Breast massaging is a completely natural way to enhance the size of your breasts. While you may get a number of offers to help you with this method, it is best that you learn the best way to do it so you can apply the same technique regularly and achieve the best results.

Does Breast Massage Enlarge Breast Size?

The key to breast enhancement by massaging is the production of a natural substance you may have heard of – oxytocin. An increase in the amount of oxytocin to your breasts will result in firmer and more shapely breasts. Compare it to having a daily exercise regimen that has a number of benefits to your entire body because of increased blood circulation. Here, the exercise is localized, but the general idea is the same.

In addition to helping to increase the size and firmness of your breasts, reduced rates of breast cancer and cysts. However, there is a proper technique that needs to be use to get the greatest benefit from the massage. There are several quality videos online that visually demonstrate the technique that are recommended as the videos are more helpful than a detailed text description.

Do not try doing the breast massage method if your breasts are sore or tender. Consult with your doctor and see if there are any medical problems before proceeding. It will take longer to see the results of enlargement using massage therapy, but your entire body will benefit from this method.

Herbal Breast Enlargement

Though surgical breast implants get much of the media’s attention, herbal breast enlargement is the most popular method being used by women today. One of the reasons for this trend is the Internet has made alternative methods more widely available. Another is that it is cheaper and easier than the alternatives.

The science behind the herbal breast enlargement approach focuses on 4 major types of enzymes:

  • Phyto-estrogens
  • Phyto-progestins
  • Anti-androgens
  • Prolactin

The herbs increase or decrease the body’s production of these various naturally occurring enzymes, with the exception of the anti-androgens which herbal supplements will block. Of this group, prolactin is the enzyme that has the most importance in promoting breast enlargement.

You can buy any of the recommended herbs in a variety of forms. This includes:

  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Pills and supplements
  • Extracts
  • Chewing Gum

You can mix and match to determine which combination maximizes its breast enlargement properties. But here is part of the problem opting for the herbal approach. Every woman is different, so going by someone else’s recommendation may not be the best solution for you. You should keep some type of diary on your herbal strategy, and once you have arrived at a point where you are satisfied, continue with that until you see the results you desire.

Boob growth creams

It is natural for doctors, especially who perform breast augmentation surgery for a living, to pooh-pooh the idea of alternative breast enlargement methods. Creams fall into this category, yet the method is similar to using herbal methods except the creams work from the outside in. In fact, there are herbal creams that are used to achieve the desired results.

One of the biggest advantages of using a cream for breast enlargement is the safety factor. While many herbal and pill supplement approaches can have undesired side effects that can go unnoticed for weeks, creams are safe for almost every woman. Once it is used on a small test site and no adverse reaction occurs (a practice highly recommended) you can move forward with the confidence.

Creams work by stimulating the breast tissue, promoting an increase in estrogen production and over time creating a larger, fuller breast. You control the amount of cream to put on, so an even application is essential. Daily use is recommended, and you can stop using the cream without worrying about any unexpected changes in breast size.

Top Breast Enhancement Pills

Breast enlargement pills can also be herbal, but they are placed in a separate section here because this group is not completely herbal. For many women, ingesting chemicals which may prove harmful later is a major concern. Generally, breast enlargement supplements will not have any serious side effects for the vast majority of women. But every woman is different, so be sure to consult with your doctor before proceeding with any breast enlargement pill or supplement that contains chemicals.

The majority of breast enlargement pills, herbal or otherwise, are made from a combination of natural ingredients. The list of ingredients includes:

  • Saw palmetto
  • Fennel
  • Damiana
  • Hops flower
  • Mexican wild yam
  • Dong quai

Though the pills contain similar ingredients, it is the additives, often not stated in the advertising, that make them not completely herbal.

But both groups of products work basically the same way – to enhance the production of estrogen and prolactin that will stimulate the breast tissue to grow larger and firmer. When choosing between two supplements of equal ingredients, the difference in choice may be in any additives. Keep in mind that for some women those additives are what will make the pill work – and have no side effects.


Which breast enlargement method is best for you is, for the most part, a matter of personal choice. Your comfort level with surgical procedures and chemical additives are important, as much as how quickly you want to get results. If you are unsure you can choose to take things slowly with a pill or cream and decide for yourself the effectiveness of their use.