Performing an Erotic Striptease: Some Great Tips

Have you gotten into a sex rut? Are you always having sex in bed and doing the exact same position and the exact same foreplay? Never fear – here is a great idea to add your sex life. Why not try doing a sexy striptease? It’s a great idea for people of all genders, and as long as you prepare for it, it’ll be an amazing erotic experience for you as well as your partner.

Where to begin?

First off, go ahead and find that perfect lingerie outfit for yourself. Try finding a corset that looks beautiful and sexy to you – if you like it, your partner will as well. There are some sexy and more masculine outfits out there as well. You don’t even have to spend a ton of money; sometimes just a sassy bra and panties sex or boxer briefs and a tie are all you need! The important part is that you feel comfortable in what you’ll be wearing since confidence is a huge part of making this erotic activity successful.

Plan it!

Next, go ahead and plan out what you want to do for your striptease. Find some hot, erotic music that you feel comfortable dancing to. Get yourself a full-length mirror, pick your favorite song, and practice dancing in front of the mirror. Be as silly or as sultry as you want – this is your time with yourself to figure out what looks pleasing and what should probably be dropped from your dance routine. Don’t worry about memorizing anything in particular – just have a general idea of what looks erotic in your mind and what doesn’t. Plus, enjoy the time that you’ll have to look at your body. Very rarely do many of us spend that much time looking at ourselves in a positive light.

Do not forget to practice

If you’re going to be removing sexy clothing during your striptease, make sure to practice that as well. While it may get a few giggles when you fall over, that isn’t the impression you’re looking to make. Try the shirt first, then the skirt/pants, then the undergarments after that. Go ahead and do it slowly. Take your time. Slowly slide that bra strap down your bare arm. Gently pull down your pants to expose your hip bones. It’s supposed to be erotic, so go ahead and take your time to bask in being the center of attention.

Add an extra layer

If you want to make it even more erotic, go ahead and add a feather boa or a sexy pair of glasses to your routine as well. Possibly add a silk scarf. Enjoy being able to wrap it sensually around your partner’s neck while you sit in their lap.

To add an extra layer of sexual suspense, tell them they aren’t allowed to touch you until you’re done. It will drive your partner crazy. If you both agree to it, you could even use bondage cuffs to go ahead and cuff your partner’s hands to a chair of the posts of the bed.

All-in-all, just have fun with it. Enjoy showing off yourself for your partner – we promise, your partner will love every second of it. Smile, take things slowly and don’t be afraid to laugh if you mess up. It’s all for the sake of sensual love – enjoy the night, and enjoy everything that will come afterward.