How to enhance breast size: massage, food, exercises, pills

how to get bigger breastsA lot of women are ashamed to admit that they want bigger breasts. Some very much want to grow their breasts but do not even know how. This article tells you how to get bigger boobs without going through complicated procedures like surgery. There are also several less costly ways to go about it such as conducting breast lifting exercises, eating foods that make your breasts bigger or using some pills and creams. See the details below on how to enhance your breast size.

How to get bigger breast with food

foodsThe most natural way to get bigger boobs is to add weight. The boobs growing in proportion to other body parts like the thighs and stomach. This is an easy but also unsettling way to deal with this problem. Most women would rather not gain weight. It may also be unhealthy especially if you resort to fatty and sugary foods.
This method works for those who are slim and do not mind adding a few more pounds. In that case, they can consume healthy fats in order to avoid the health problems related to unhealthy fats. Healthy fats come from foods such as avocado, eggs, olive oil, nuts, oily fish and peanut butter.
Another healthy alternative is to eat foods that are rich in estrogen. How to enhance breast naturally with foods? Let’s look. Estrogen is the hormone behind boob growth and comes from the following foods:

  • Kidney beans1
  • Chickpeas2
  • Lentils3
  • Dairy products
  • Grains such as barley, wheat and rice
  • Carrots, plums, beets, cucumbers, cherries and apples
  • Fenugreek seeds4
  • Spices that include sage, oregano and clover

You should also remember to have food rich in phytoestrogen that also works in place of estrogen. The good thing is that there are so many foods with this compound, and below are just some of them:

  • Flax seeds5
  • Pistachios, cashews, walnuts and chestnuts
  • Red wine, white wine, green tea and black tea6,+white+wine,+green+tea+and+black+tea&source=bl&ots=7OAk_Aev1x&sig=ACfU3U12nABI2YAgDxehuYqOTAivK5NPkA&hl=ru&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwie7_CkkpjpAhXPvosKHc6_CYk4ChDoATACegQIBhAB#v=onepage&q=Red%20wine%2C%20white%20wine%2C%20green%20tea%20and%20black%20tea&f=false
  • Strawberries, peaches and raspberries
  • Winter squash and green beans

There are also foods that are beneficial to the body and the growth of breasts such as radish, vitamins A, C, E and B6, and amino acids.

Pills to make breast larger

pillsThe use of pills and creams is a popular way to enhance breast. When pills are used in conjunction with exercises and creams, they result in effective output. They work faster and are readily available in the market.
The important thing before taking these pills is to talk to your doctor. However, it is best to avoid them if you are allergic. Take the dosage as recommended and do not overdose for quicker results. There are negative effects associated with this. If done correctly, this method is very rewarding.
Some of the favorite pills and creams that achieve larger boobs are breast actives and breast active creams. These are safe pills that help you get bigger breast without surgery. This process requires the intake of pills and use of creams which are fortified with natural ingredient to increase the size of boobs.
The breast actives and breast active cream have natural herbs and result in noticeable results after a short period of use. The growth from these actives is also permanent and uniform. Another good alternative for the cream is total curve which is equally very effective.


Exercises to get bigger breast

sportsNot all exercise routines are good to enhance breast size However, the following yield some perceptible results:

  • Push-up routines

Push-up exercises are good for triceps and also reinforce the pectoral muscles. You can start with a few push-ups each day and pick-up the pace with time.
The push-up routine begins with your stomach on the floor and hands below your shoulders. You then have to push your upper body upwards towards your toes. Subsequently, you lie flat as before and lift yourself again.

  • Lift dumbbells

This sort of exercise requires a skilled spotter. You can register to a gym if you are new to this. It particularly strengthens the pectoral muscles, and the important thing here is to lift dumbbells7 that are heavy but do not strain your body.
This is also an exercise that you can do at home. You go about it by holding the dumbbells with both hands and keep the hands resting at the thighs. With the palms facing downward, lift the load and maintain your hands in a straight position. Bend your arms slightly as you lift and when you get the dumbbells above your head, lower them to your side. Repeat this several times.

  • Try the fly lift

In this sort of exercise to enhance breast size, you need to lie flat on your back and stretch out your arms on both sides. Hold light weights on each hand and in a sideways position. One side of the weight should face you while the other should be facing away from you.
Then, move your arms outwards to form a cross and then move them back in to meet at your chest. Repeat this several times to make it worthwhile. You can do this about 15 times and increase the frequency once you perfect it.

  • Do the wall press

This is a variation of the push-up where you stand two feet away from the wall. Your palms should press on the wall and your arms straight. You then need to lean on the wall until your elbows bend but do not move other body areas. You then straighten out and repeat the same numerous times.

How to massage to get bigger breast

massageRegular breast massage is another way to boost your bust. It is operational and starts showing results after just one month. A massage increases the flow of blood and phytoestrogens which is helpful for breast development. The massage further stimulates the production of prolactin.
You can go about this through rubbing the palms of your hands together for about 10 seconds and then placing them on your breasts. Afterwards, rub the breasts inwards in a clockwise direction on the right breast and anti-clockwise on the left. Rub each for 2 seconds and repeat the process about 300. A month of this routine massage for breast enhancement in the morning and evening will have a significant outcome.