Natural Breast Growth Methods

breast growthIn the past few years, we have seen women going to great lengths to increase their bust sizes. Surgeries, Hormones, and supplements are some of the extreme methods currently used to enhance bust.

Surgery is one of the riskiest methods that women are inclining towards. Like any other surgical procedure, the method is both costly and can cause major or minor side effects during, or after the surgery. This method is also time consuming because the patient has to allocate time for recovery. However, not all women have the means to go for the surgery option. Most of these women are researching on less expensive options for natural breast growth.

Breast augmentation surgery

Even with the documented risks involved with breast surgery, many women often opt for it. The Breast augmentation surgery involves the surgeon implanting a balloon shaped chemical filled object called a silicone in the breasts. The silicone increases the breast size instantly giving the patient bigger, perky breasts. Breast implants are very dangerous because they can rapture or cause an infection. The surgery also leads to permanent scarring. Doctors advice against this surgery because the silicone can cover up cancer cells during a routine breast cancer checkup.

Growing the size of breasts with hormones

Women’s breasts start developing when they hit puberty. Puberty initiates the growth process by releasing more estrogens and other key hormones into the body. The size of a woman’s breast can be determined by genetics and heredity. However, women have different types of breast tissues. Some can have dense or fatty breast tissues that affect the overall firmness and shape. Women with fatty tissues are more likely to develop their breasts faster as opposed to women with dense tissues. Women with denser breast tissue are more likely to see changes over time. No matter the size, Childbirth, nursing and age greatly affect the breasts.

Over time, the levels of estrogen and other hormones produced by the body decreases. This results in a decrease in breast tissue and size, which results to sagging. Women of certain ages have resulted to Hormone replacement therapy to give back what the body is no longer producing. Studies have shown a natural way to increase breast size for women undergoing this therapy treatment. Manufacturers are using the replacement therapy given by doctors to mold natural supplements and avail them to the market. The method increases estrogen levels to what they once were leaving the woman feeling more self-confident about her bust no longer sagging.

Natural Supplements

With continued natural supplements intake and usage of creams, the user’s breasts will remain big and perky. However, if you do not want to use pills and creams, suction-like devices and hypnosis is another available option. This is the least intrusive because you do not need surgery or hormones. However, the method is only short term

With more and more options being introduced in the market, women need to be very careful before selecting natural supplements for breast growth. Cost effective solutions such as herbal-based pills and topical creams have proven to deliver positive results among women. Patience is key with this method. Formulating a routine for the supplements intake will yield results in the long run.

Before usage of the supplements, consult with your doctor to ensure the supplements you are consuming can be mixed with any other medication you might be under (for example birth control pills). It is also advisable to consult with the doctor to find the best suitable supplement for natural breast growth that is within your price range.

When thinking about increasing your breast size, Herbal supplements is the way to go. This method does not require surgery, no recovery time, and produces long-term results. Whether you wish to have perky breasts or just want to be a cup larger, consult with your doctor and find the right herbal supplements suitable to your needs.

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