Stretch marks on men’s breast

When it comes to stretch marks, most people tend to believe this skin defect is women-specific. It’s not true though. Actually, men do suffer from stretch marks too. Many reasons why this is the case are much the same as with women.

While highly flexible and accommodative, under certain circumstances, our skin can reach a condition when it cannot be stretched any further. Consequently, the skin tissues are torn, and numerous recognizable red, white, silver and dark purple scars appear on our body

Major Symptoms

stretchmarksonmenThis unsightly defect occurs when the skin is stretched either too much or too promptly. In both cases, dermis, the skin’s middle layer responsible for maintaining the overall skin shape, fails to withstand this kind of load and just ruptures. After a while, these tiny wounds heal to form scars, which are easily distinguishable on your skin and make you look ugly.

The fact that the ruptures damage skin blood vessels only aggravates the situation as stretch marks sometimes acquire a bluish, pinkish or reddish tone. Along with this, during the initial period of time after their appearance, the scars may cause a sensation of itching or burning. Later, the skin pigmentation may return to normal. Nevertheless, stretch marks almost never become invisible again.

Not harmful by their nature, stretch marks are considered an aesthetic defect. As thus, they are a common reason for emotional distress or bad mood in men and women. Attempts to hide the scars by getting suntanned fail most of the time, because this only makes them visible more distinctly.


Mainly similar to those in women, causes behind stretch marks in male audience have their behavior-related specifics though. In general, there are three major male-specific physiological factors, which can lead to this skin defect:

  • Prompt body development during a puberty period. This is when horizontal lines on upper arms, buttocks, back and thighs may appear.
  • Obesity and gaining weight too quickly. In this case, subcutaneous fat deposits cause vertical stretch lines on the abdomen.
  • Going for bodybuilding. An athlete pursuing this kind of sports activity seeks to grow his muscles very fast. As a result, stretch marks may appear along the perimeter of his chest or shoulder muscles.

Another consideration to be aware of is that there are men who are just predisposed to getting stretch marks on breast. This can be a result of certain health conditions associated with corticosteroids overproduction in the body. Corticosteroids are a type of hormones responsible for regulation of dermis and epidermis cells regeneration. Also, they affect the production of collagen, a substance determining the skin suppleness. When corticosteroids are overproduced, the collagen production tends to be depleted, which has an unhealthy effect on the skin.

This kind of problem can arise when a man suffers from a disorder associated with the adrenal glands as this is the organ, which is to produce this and a number of other hormones. Marfan syndrome, Diabetes, Ehlers-Danos syndrome, Cushing’s disease, scleroderma and other conditions can provide the mentioned effect.

Taking corticosteroid medicines to treat a variety of autoimmune disorders and inflammatory conditions is another risk factor. Along with addressing an underlying condition, the drugs can result in skin thinning, if used in excessive amounts. The same effect is attributed to anabolic steroids, which are a popular therapy among active bodybuilders.

Treatment Options

Stretch marks are not only an unsightly physical effect, but also an adverse psychological factor for many people. Men facing this issue search the market for products which, assertedly, can prevent or reduce appearance of stretch marks on different body parts. The truth is that there is no sound evidence that the scar formation is a reversible process.

As science does not promise much to such people, they resort to natural over-the-counter products abundantly offered by many manufacturers and accompanied with pretentious claims.

The laser and microdermabrasion treatment techniques present a new popular approach to removing scars and stretch marks successfully. The effect has been proven by topical studies.

On the other hand, diets show no effect on stretch marks. The same is true for massage and heat application procedures, while taking collagen supplements produces only minimum effect, if any.

That being said, stretch marks are a kind of cosmetic defect, which is easier to prevent than to get rid of.