The Brava System for Breast Enhancement and Augmentation

Brava BraNowadays, there are many women who would like to enhance size or shape of their breasts. This is because social opinion dictates standards of bigger busts. Along with that, some researches say that men tend to pay more attention to women with bigger breast.
Numerous breast augmentation procedures are offered to those who want to make a choice. However, not every option can be relied upon and trusted because of risk pertaining to them. It should be noticed that boob augmentation methods still give temporary results only. As for saline and silicone implants, these options are fraught with risks of breakage. Keep it in mind when taking your decision.
There is good news too: the number of boob enlargement solutions grows consistently. You can easily find out some newly offered options that have shown impressive results in tests. You may want to learn more about the Brava option, if you are looking for a really innovative and unique option. It is not about some kind of breast enhancing supplements or pills. The Brava solution is based on the bra form.

Overview of Brava solution

This is a really revolutionary boobs augmentation solution designed to help those women who suffer from a small size of their breast. By the moment, over 30 000 women worldwide have taken advantage of this simple method. Efficiency of this system for breast growth has been clinically proven. Many physicians in the United States recommend it to their patients who want to have bigger breasts. This technique is really able to make your bust grow in a natural way. No pills, creams, or surgical procedures are needed to stimulate the growth.
The Brava method enables you to get rid of supplements for breast growth, pills, padded bras, or creams. Using this technique, you will achieve real and natural growth of tissues in your breast and breast lift. You can do it in the comfort of your home. It is even believed to be the next breast thing.

How it works

The positive effect of enhancement of the growth of breast tissues has been clinically proven. Natural and sustainable growth is achieved due to continuous tension. One can say that it works through tissue expansion. Experts have been using this technique for more than 30 years. This said, we can consider Brava as a tissue expander acting from the outside
The system applies a continuous, three-dimensional pulling force to your breasts. This is a really gentle treatment that your breast will undergo; the tissues will respond by replicating, i.e. by growing continuously.

The science behind Brava

The Brava solution is a really innovative technique using natural tissue expansion. While the idea is more than 30 years old, the technique itself was not popularized so much. Along with breast enhancement, the method of expansion is used in medicine for limb lengthening and breast reconstruction as well.
By the moment, Brava holds some patents, which are the guarantee that this system of breast shaping provides you a scientifically proven engineering solution that you can rely upon. A number of studies have been conducted, which showed that Brava really helps women to increase their breast volume. The result may vary between 35 and 250 cc.

The results

Every woman using the Brava breast lift and augmentation technique can expect to get an increase of cup of about ½ to 2 sizes. The developers claim this growth to be permanent. It is obvious that the results may vary considerably depending on a number of factors like individual biological features, duration or frequency of application and others.