Total Curve Breast Enhancement Review

Breast enlargement is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world at present. Having larger breasts is one of the most major body concerns that a lot of women have. They start feeling insecure relatively early in life, and they often only become more insecure as the years progress. However, not all women are interested in solving this insecurity with surgery. Surgery can be effective, but it is still a substantial and potentially risky solution. Women are increasingly turning to breast enhancement pills in order to solve some of their body image concerns. Total Curve pills and cream are some increasingly popular options for the women who are looking for breast augmentation alternatives.

Total Curve Ingredients

Total Curve supplements contain a number of natural, herbal ingredients that are key in increasing the size of the breasts through multiple important pathways.

total curve pills ingredients

  • Fennel seeds1 are among the most important ingredients, and these contain natural plant estrogen compounds. Plant estrogens can increase breast size as they change the hormonal balance for women, and they will do it much more safely than the typical artificial hormone replacement or hormonal therapies that women might take otherwise.
  • Total Curve also contains blessed thistle, which is capable of repairing damaged collagen and elastin in the skin. As a result, blessed thistle can promote firmness in breasts, which is often compromised by damage to the skin.
  • Buckwheat leaves2 and flowers can have a similar effect for similar reasons, and these are also among the most important ingredients of the Total Curve complex. The rutin in the buckwheat leaves and flowers also helps improve blood circulation, which can stimulate breast growth by making it easier for the increased plant estrogens to be effective in the first place.

total curve orderEstrogen isn’t the only hormone linked to breast enhancement. Progesterone is underrated, but it is also an important part of the process.

  • The herb dong quai root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries now, and it is an herb that can promote the production of progesterone in the body, this increasing breast development.
  • Wild yam root3 has been used to treat menopausal women who are running low on estrogen. It can also help women who are simply looking to increase their breast volume, making it very useful in that regard, and which is why it is a key ingredient in Total Curve breast enhancement products.
  • These supplements also contain hops, which have been known to play an important role in breast enhancement. Some women might be surprised to learn that the treatments contain watercress leaves and shoots as well, which can promote overall breast health and stimulate overall breast growth in many women. Watercress can also help arthritis, asthma, acne, and many other conditions go away.
  • Damiana leaf is another important ingredient that can promote breast development. Women can also increase the estrogen levels in their bloodstreams thanks to the black cohosh root in these breast enhancement products.

total curve gel ingredientsTotal Curve breast enhancement therapy have multiple ingredients that all promote the development of firm and healthy breasts, which should make all the difference in the world for the women who take the supplements. The ingredients will have a tendency to reinforce one another.

Results of Total Curve Usage – Photo

total curve before and after

A number of women have taken Total Curve herbal breast pills and cream, and they have gotten excellent results. Lots of women lose some of their breast girth during weight loss, for instance, which can be distressing for women who were trying to improve their appearance in the first place. However, when they turned to these supplements and creams, they were able to get all of the benefits of weight loss with few of the costs, since they were finally able to restore the breast volume that they had lost. Weight loss can alter a woman’s hormone levels, and Total Curve supplements and creams have been able to change that side of the equation as well.

Lots of women have gotten breasts that are a lot bigger and a lot rounder. Far too many women end up watching their breasts lose their shape with time for whatever reason. Thanks to Total Curve, they can reverse these effects and make the clock turn back, or they can stop the treacherous clock altogether. These breast enhancement products can give women breasts that look larger and younger at the same time, and many women have experienced those exact curve scientific research

Side Effects of Total Curve

Some of the side effects of Total Curve breast enhancement pills and creams are actually positive, which can be the case. These are treatments that are able to change a hormonal imbalance in the body, which can have a lot of positive bodily effects. For one thing, lots of women who took the treatments noticed that their sleep cycles were able to improve, and they found themselves getting better and more fulfilling nights of sleep. Some women felt their moods improve also, since estrogen and progesterone can often have that effect on women.

total curve breast enhancement

Total Curve contains a wide range of different herbal remedies, and lots of these herbal remedies have additional health benefits. For one thing, some women found that their acne improved when they took Total Curve treatments, which might be due to the watercress content of the treatments.

Some women have experienced the typical side effects that are common with most supplements, such as fatigue, headaches, dry mouth, and others. However, these side effects were fairly minor for the most part. Women who otherwise got the results that they wanted would consider these side effects well worth the effort.

Pros and Cons

Some women even noticed improved nipple sensitivity. Nipple sensitivity is an important part of the sexual response in women, and women who do not have the most sensitive nipples are depriving themselves of some of the best parts of sex. Increased nipple sensitivity can make a huge difference for them. Breast augmentation surgery has been infamous for the fact that it has a tendency to decrease nipple sensitivity and a woman’s sexual response, which makes Total Curve particularly great finds.

Does Total Curve work?

total curveHowever, it should be noted that no product is going to work for everyone. Some women have gotten demonstrably great results with Total Curve products, and other women have not been able to do so. These are supplements that play on a woman’s body chemistry, and body chemistry varies so widely between individuals. It is often difficult to find ideal treatments in an era that has not yet accepted the importance of personalized medicine.
It should be noted that women who are fuller figured are going to have to wait longer to see results in many cases. The shape and size of their breasts is going to change the outcome of the situation, at least to a certain extent. However, Total Curve breast enhancement is still capable of helping larger women. They’re simply going to have a somewhat different body chemistry compared to smaller women, which is going to change the timing of the situation.

The main problem many women have had with the Total Curve supplements is that they did not get the results that they wanted. However, they just did not get the specific effects that they wanted. The fact that the product is benign still makes it a good alternative to much of what women would take otherwise. Women are either going to get a few positive side effects, or they are going to get the entire package.

Compared to the terrible risks associated with cosmetic surgery, which can lead to infections, disfigurements, and even death if the anesthesia runs into problems, the Total Curve supplements are going to seem like a gentle breeze for almost any woman.


Total curve treatments are not going to work for everyone. However, they are still going to work for a lot of women, and it is still certainly worth a shot to take them. They’re not going to produce significant side effects for most women, which means that the cost and benefit analysis works in their favor in a way that would not be the case in most other situations. Total Curve pills for breast enlargement are welcome alternatives to cosmetic surgery.