Volufiline Breast Enhancement Ingredient

A woman will generally define her own overall physical attractiveness based on the size of her curves. Petite women want enough curve to be noticeable, but no much as to require a back brace. Plus size women like their full size, yet want their natural curves to be noticed as part of their natural shape. Dolly Parton and Ashley Graham both manage their curves well.

What is Volufiline?


The biological reality is curves are primarily fatty tissue. The best curves have all the fatty tissue in the right places. The current trend is for the breast and the butt to be the focal points of modern female attractiveness. Even if you are not a trendsetter or follower, you may want to enhance your breasts or butt to achieve your optimum curviness.

And that is where the breast enhancement ingredient Volufiline enters the discussion. Developed in France, it can be found in a number of cosmetics that can be used to increase the volume of certain parts of the body – plump them up if you will. But there is a good plump and a bad plump, and we will be discussing the good plump. Volufiline works with your body to increase the far production in certain parts of your body.

How Does Volufiline Work?

The natural question of how Volufiline works is answered by looking at its main ingredient, the Chinese herb Zhu Mu. The extract from this herb stimulated fatty production to the area that it is applied. It is not a pill that you take or any kind of dietary regimen you must follow to see its effects. And here is the part where we get a little scientific to best understand exactly how it works.

Your body has an abundant supply of adipose tissue. For all the scientific jargon, this is simply body part but adipose tissue is mainly composed of adipocytes. Adipocytes are more commonly known as lipocytes, as in the liposuction removal of fat process. So they are all connected, but in the end the terms are all simply different names for body fat.

Volufiline helps the body increase the production of body fat where you want it. The Total Curve Breast Enhancement Therapy solution uses Volufiline in its cream and gel products to specifically target the areas of your breasts that you want to add fat to and will enhance their shape and firmness – without surgical procedures or expensive alternative solutions. This makes your answer both simple and affordable.

What Volufiline does not do is use any type of hormone to achieve its results. Including hormones in breast enlargement products is a common concern among women who have either personally experienced or have firsthand knowledge of breast enlargement products that have created negative effects for their users which have been connected to the use of hormones in their products. That makes Volufiline a natural solution for breast enlargement.

Volufiline Advantages

total curveThe Total Curve solution recommends using their topical cream twice a day for maximum results. This makes breast enlargement simple and safe. Products containing Volufiline such as Total Curve have shown increases of 8 percent or more in breast size in as little as 4 days. The amount of Volufiline in the products was as little as 5 percent of the total content. No negative side effects have been reported from women who use Volufiline products.

Earlier it was mentioned that Zhu Mu was the key ingredient that makes Volufiline products safe and natural. In addition to its clinical studies that have proven its effectiveness for fat production, there have been studies done that have indicated its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and anti-cancer substance. This further supports the safety and health advantages of its use.


We have shown the value of Volufiline from a safety and scientific viewpoint, but the question to be answered is whether products such as Total Curve will work for you. First, we strongly suggest you discuss using the product with your doctor before actually trying it. A small number of people may be allergic to the ingredient itself. Next, your results may not reach the 8 percent increase in breast size documented in the clinical trial. They may be less when measured, but you may also experience a greater increase in size and fullness. Every woman is different, but even if you only achieve a 5 percent increase in 4 days you are well on your way to getting the type of curves you are seeking.

Like many other products that contain Volufiline, Total Curve is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which has a lengthy trial process before letting a new drug or chemical into the consumer market. Because it is a safe product, you have nothing to lose by trying it and everything to gain. And keep in mind the number of products available that contain Volufiline the next time you visit your cosmetic store.